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Custom Hoses & Fittings

We offer a wide range of fittings for your custom hose assembly.


Dewald Hydraulic Hoses is the only company you should be calling if you require a custom hose assembly of any kind. While we do stock a large selection of pre-made hoses for almost any application, we have the experience and knowledge to build a custom hose assembly from scratch to fulfill your equipment, farm or vehicle need.

Our hoses are build to your exact specifications with only the best hydraulic hose and fittings available.

If you aren’t sure if the hose you have needs replacing, bring it by our shop and we’ll gladly inspect it for you for free!  And if it is defective, we will let you know how long it will take to replace, and what the cost will be.

No matter what type of custom hydraulic hose you need. Whether it’s for an aviation need, agricultural hydraulics, forklifts, or industrial hydraulics, we can help. With over 30 years of knowledge in repairing or replacing most hydraulic hoses and the necessary fittings. Based in Mishawaka, you can expect fast response times from our team for repairs in the city, near South Bend or near Elkhart.

Dewald Hydraulic Hoses carries a huge inventory of both pre-made hoses, as well as an ample supply of bulk hose, and all the fittings you can imagine. So there is a very good chance that if we don’t have the hose in stock for you, then we can make it quickly.